10/2010 | No.12

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2010

Page 1 Annual Renewal Process Changes: Online renewal strongly encouraged • Biennial renewal proposed • Mawhorr, Snyder appointed to Board

Pages 2-3 Enforcement | 2009-2010 Disciplinary Actions

Page 4 Continuing Professional Development: Preparing for a mistake-fee CPD audit • Biennium Budget: Efficiently protecting the public • Ohio Engineering First: Main Street Bridge

Page 5 2010 Governor’s report continued

Page 6 Staffing, Registrants, Exams, Comity and more: Excerpts from the Board’s 2010 report to the Governor

10/2006 | No. 8

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2006Page 1 CPD Required for Ohio’s 2008 P.E., P.S. renewals: Continuing education begins in 2007 • New Board Members: Dawson, Hubbard appointed to Board

Page 2 2005-2006 Disciplinary Actions

Page 3 Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733.151: Continuing professional development requirements

Page 4 Staffing Update: Board appointments, new hires • Enforcement: How to file a complaint • NCEES, ELSES: Future exam dates

10/2002 | No. 4

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2002Page 1 Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 Update: Board streamlines registration act

Page 2 PE/PS Licensure is a Win-Win: Why PE/PS professionals get licensed; even when not required by law • Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733 Update: Agencies required to reject plans not prepared by professionals • Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733 Update: Sealing requirements revised; electronic seals regulated

Page 3 2001-2002 Ohio Disciplinary Actions • What is plan stamping?

Page 4 Gold Card option does not allow PE/PS practice: Planning on retiring soon? • Violations subject to disciplinary action: Practice only within your area of professional expertise • Planning ahead: Future NCEES exams

10/2009 | No. 11

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2009

Page 1 2009 Annual Report: Highlights from the Board’s Annual Report • Alfred H. Samborn, P.E. 1917-2009 • Ohio P.E., P.S. online renewal endorsed by more than 53%

Page 2 Enforcement | 2008-2009 Disciplinary Actions

Page 3 Sealing Your Engineering or Surveying Work Product • Firm Licensure Q&A • Verification Fee Required

Page 4 Sword, McLean join Board staff • License Status Definitions

10/2005 | No. 7

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2005Page 1 CPD can be obtained in 2006, 2007 for Ohio’s 2008 P.E., P.S. annual renewals • Board Reappointment: David L. Cox, P.S. • Board Promotions: Greenhalge, Schick

Page 2 2004-2005 Disciplinary Actions

Page 3 What is plan stamping? • FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions: Continuing professional development

Page 4 Prevent Disciplinary Action: Keep Ohio P.E., P.S. license current • GI Bill Reimbursement: VA may reimburse qualified exam fees • Pass, Fail Scoring Only: NCEES exams score reporting • Elements of Surveying 3: Online surveying course available

09/2001 | No. 3

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 09/2001Page 1 Board’s Mission, Goal and Procedures • New ‘C of A’ Law Effective October 8 [2001] • Continuing Professional Development: Board Affirms Support for CPD

Page 2 Filing a Complaint with the Board • General Procedure for Complaints and Investigations

Page 3 2000-2001 Board Disciplinary Actions • Unlicensed Designer: Permanent Injunction Granted [Brown, Goldwing]

Page 4 Pending Legislation: H.B. 337 Initiated by Board • Reinstatement Procedures: Expired Ohio PE/PS Registrations • Examination Deadlines and Dates: Deadlines and NCEES Exam Dates

10/2008 | No. 10

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2008

Page 1 Excerpts from the 2008 ‘Report to the Governor’ • Ohio House Bill 295 Enacted: Sealing ‘energy conservation reports’

Page 2 2007-2008 Disciplinary Actions

Page 3 Practicing engineering and surveying with an expired registration • Board Updates Forms PES 1012, 2012: Surveying courses worksheet revised • Board’s First CPD Audit Successful | Evaluating acceptable CPD hours • COA Dos and Don’ts: Filing a Certificate of Authorization app

Page 4 Renewal, rule review, BS+30 updates • Shah reappointed; Ault hired • License Status Definitions

10/2004 | No. 6

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2004Page 1Continuing Professional Development: CPD requirements begin in 2007 • Future NCEES exam dates • Alan J. Olson, P.E., reappointed

Page 2 2003-2004 Disciplinary Actions • What is plan stamping?

Page 3 Ohio Ethics Commission Ruling: City and county engineers • Planning on retiring soon? • Administrative rules updated

Page 4 Fiscal Year 2004: Excerpts from our annual report to the Governor

09/2000 | No. 2

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 09/2000Page 1 Board members appointed by Governor [Cox, Olson] • Experience verification process changed • Expedited licensure expands beyond Ohio • OSPE to present certificates at awards ceremony

Page 2 House Bill 560 initiated by the Board | Ohio’s Examination Schedules and Deadlines • Ohio Court grants Board’s request for injunction against PA surveyor

Page 3 1999-2000 Board Disciplinary Actions

Page 4 Engineering drawings submitted for Ohio EPA approval

10/2007 | No. 9

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2007

Page 1 Online renewal available • Continuing education required for all Ohio P.E., P.S. renewals • Director’s Corner

Page 2 2006-2007 Disciplinary Actions

Page 3 Electronic seal and signature update • Check your license status • License status definitions • Board looking for Ohio PS exam development volunteers • Dawson appointed to new commission • BS+30 model law survives challenge • Board to enter 75th year of licensure

Page 4 ‘Report to the Governor’ excerpts • Director’s Corner continued

10/2003 | No. 5

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2003Page 1Continuing Professional Development: Proposed CPD requirements • Shah appointed to third term • Pocket cards discontinued


Page 2 2002-2003 Disciplinary Actions • How to file a complaint • Ware hired as investigator

Page 3 ELSES to Administer Exams: April exams to be held in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus • Beware of Illegal Aiding and Abetting: Contracting to provide for professional services • Future NCEES exam dates • Board offers structural exams

Page 4 Fiscal Year 2003: Excerpts from our annual report to Ohio’s governor

09/1999 | No. 1

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 09/1999Page 1 Board Mission, Goals and Procedures • Board introduces web site enhancements

Page 2 Practice Only Within Your Area of Expertise! • What Is Plan Stamping? • Court Grants Request for Preliminary Injunction

Page 3 1998-1999 Board Disciplinary • Courts Uphold Satterfield Suspension

Page 4 Promotion of Licensure for Students, Faculty • Upcoming Examinations Schedule • Board Requests Update of Registration Act • ODNR, Mining and Reclamation Maps Role of Professional Engineers and Surveyors

10/2011 | No. 13

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 10/2011

Page 1 Renewal Frequency Change: Ohio’s P.E., P.S. annual renewal changes to biennial renewal, effective immediately • Board Appointments: Swearingen, Kohman appointed to Board • Secure, Efficient: Online renewal major success

Page 2 The Essential Element of Public Trust: Honesty

Page 3 Company Registration: Reminders, suggestions when registering Certificates of Authorization • Meet the Staff, Earn CPD Credit: New P.E., P.S. registrant CPD opportunity

Pages 4-5 Enforcement: 2010-2011 Disciplinary Actions 

Page 6 Sealing Documents: Defining the practice of professional engineering, surveying • NCEES Exam Update: New exam replaces previous Structural I, II

Page 7 Governor’s report continued • Computer-Based Testing: FE, FS exams begin transition to CBT

Page 8 Mission, Structure, Activites, Increased Efficiencies: Excerpts from the Board’s 2011 report to the Governor

Newsletters | Headline Summaries

05/2013 | No. 14

Ohio PE/PS Newsletter 05/2013

Page 1 Board uses performance measuring to improve customer service • Board Staff Retirement: Lynn Jones • Board Member Appointment: Bert Dawson • Board Staff Promotion: Amanda Ault

Page 2 Exam Updates: NCEES PS exam becomes closed-book • FE, FS exams converting to CBT in January 2014 • FE exam specs change in January 2014 • PE Industrial Exam changes

Page 3 Misconduct and Ethics: Plan how to handle misconduct before you have to face it

Pages 4-6 Enforcement: 2011-2012 Disciplinary Actions

Page 7 Mission, Structure, Activities, Increased Efficiencies: Excerpts from 2012 Annual Report to the Governor

Page 8 Board Contact Information