Board Rosters                                   


Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 4733.10, the Board will publish an annual roster of all actively licensed Professional Engineers, Professional Surveyors, and firms. The public roster includes name, license number, expiration date, city, state, and county. If you are seeking additional information, specifics of your request would need to be submitted in writing via email or regular mail as a public records request in accordance with Ohio's Sunshine laws.



Firm Certificate of Authorization


Current License Status


To verify your current license status, both individual and company licenses can be verifies through the eLicense Ohio portal. Please note, to look up a license by number you must use the format "PE.#####", "PS.####", or "COA.#####". Failure to include the "." will cause the search to not return any results. For best results, the system also works best on Google Chrome web browser.


For License Renewal information, please visit:

              Individual Licensing - Renewal