General Guidelines for Reciprocity Applicants

This document includes the requirements for applying to Ohio for a PE or PS license by reciprocity. Applications that do not meet the requirements in the document will be deemed incomplete or denied.   The Ohio Board strongly suggests all applicants read through the guidelines carefully before applying for a reciprocity license in Ohio. The Board does not refund applications fees for those that submit applications without meeting the requirements for licensure in Ohio.

Reciprocity is Ohio’s application process whereby a currently-licensed professional engineer or professional surveyor in good standing may apply for an Ohio license based on their license in another state or U.S. jurisdiction. The Board does not automatically grant an Ohio license because an individual is licensed in another jurisdiction.

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Reciprocity FAQ


How quickly can I obtain an Ohio PE license? Do I have the option for a temporary permit

The length of time for approval depends on the type of application submitted. Applicants with an NCEES record showing they have a Model Law Engineer (MLE) designated PE can have their application approved as quickly as 1-2 business days from the date of submission assuming the board receives a completed applications, application fee, and NCEES record.

Applicants that either have an NCEES record but are not designated as an MLE applicant or do not hold an NCEES record will need to wait on board approved which can take 30-60 days depending on when we receive the completed application and when the next board meeting is held. These applicants have the option of applying for a temporary permit that would be approved within 1-2 business days of the board receiving their completed application packet (online application, application fee, transcripts, experience detail, exam/license verification). The temporary permit is valid for 60 days or until the license is approved by the board, whichever comes first

Can my school send my transcripts to the Ohio Board? Can I send copies? Can I email my transcripts?

You may have your school send the official transcripts directly to the Board or you may obtain one and send it as long as it is in the original, sealed envelope. Keep in mind they must official transcripts and not copies. You cannot use transcripts you have already opened, photocopies, or scanned/emailed copies.

How do I obtain my EI/SI number?

Ohio does not issue numbers for EI's. If filling out an application leave blank or write N/A.


I do not have an engineering undergraduate degree but have a Master's/PhD in engineering, can I get a license in Ohio?

The board will accept EAC/ABET accredited master’s degrees in engineering for the education requirement. If your Master’s degree is not EAC/ABET accredited but has a similarly named EAC/ABET accredited undergraduate degree, you may be able to have your degree evaluated to see if it meets the educations standards set by NCEES. These are approved on a case by case basis.

I have a Master's degree in engineering and/or a PhD, do I need to have my foreign education evaluated by NCEES?

Unless your master’s degree in engineering is EAC/ABET accredited, you will need to have your undergraduate and master’s degree program evaluated through NCEES’s Credential Evaluations to see if your degrees meet the education standards set by NCEES.

What degree evaluations will the Ohio Board accept?

The Ohio Board will only accept degree evaluations from NCEES Credential Evaluations

My college evaluated my foreign education for me to take advanced classes, will the Board accept the college's evaluation?

The evaluation of education by colleges does not use the standards set by ABET or NCEES to determine if your education meets the requirements for engineering licensure. The college is evaluating your education to see if you meet the requirements the individual college has set for their degree programs or advanced classes. Unless their master’s program is an EAC/ABET accredited engineering master’s program you will need to have your degree evaluated by NCEES Credential Evaluations. The Board cannot make exceptions to this law.

Licensing Requirements

I received an FE examination waiver in my original licensing state, can I obtain a license by reciprocity in Ohio?

Unfortunately, Ohio law required all licensees to take and pass both the FE and PE examinations for all licensees. There are no exceptions to this law.

I passed my exam in another state but did not finish the process to become licensed, can I obtain licensure in Ohio?

Ohio law only allows for two paths to licensure – examination and reciprocity. To obtain a license by examination, you must take and pass the PE exam in Ohio for your initial licensure. To obtain a license by reciprocity, you must have taken and passed both the FE and PE exams in another state and hold a current PE license, in good standing, in another US state or jurisdiction. No exceptions can be made to these requirements.

My license in another state is expired, can I obtain licensure in Ohio by reciprocity?

No, you must have an active PE license, in good standing, in another US state or jurisdiction to apply by reciprocity.


I am applying for a license by reciprocity, and I am the boss/owner/supervisor at my firm and do not have a supervisor, who verifies my experience?

You can verify your own current experience however the board would still be looking for experience verified by a license engineer prior to your licensure. You would also still need 5 references, 3 of whom must be license engineers that are familiar with your work/education

I am unable to get a hold of the supervisor who can validate my experience due to retirement, death, or loss of contact?

The Board will need as much information on experience as possible. If you are unable to get a hold of the supervisor due to retirement, death, or loss of contact you must include a letter to state such.

If the supervisor is out of state, you may scan and email the experience page to them to sign and return to you the same way

Some of my work experience was not gained under the supervision of a professional engineer/surveyor. Can I still use this experience?

The Board is generally looking for work experience gained under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer.  For work experience not gained under the supervision of a professional engineer, the Board would require additional information regarding your supervisor’s background (education and /or work experience). The information should show how your supervisor is qualified to oversee your engineering work. Documentation may include but is not limited to a written statement from your supervisor and/or a resume/CV.

Can I use experience I completed overseas?

All experience is evaluated on a case by case basis. Generally, the board is looking for experience under a licensed PE in the US so often cannot accept experience earned overseas. If you have experience you believe should count towards the experience requirement, the Board staff encourages you to include as much detail about not only the type of work you were doing, but you would also need your supervisor to sign off on the experience and if they supervisor does not have a US PE license, you would need to include information on his/her background (educations/experience/etc.) showing how they are qualified to oversee your engineering experience.

How will I know my experience counts?

Experience is evaluated on a case by case basis. If you have experience you are unsure of, the board staff recommends including as much detail regarding your work experience as possible for evaluation so the board’s evaluators and board members can get a better idea of the type of work experience you have.