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1. A professional surveyor is required, in a new subdivision of six lots in a city, to set

(A) no new monuments if the outer boundary description of the parent parcel begins at a monument that conforms to the Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys.

(B) at least four permanent markers in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 711.03.

(C) 14 iron pins at least 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 30 inches long.

(D) monuments at least 24 inches long in accordance with the Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys.

2. The Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys in the state of Ohio required which of the following information on the Plat of Survey for the purpose of establishing or retracing property boundaries?

(A) The centerline of pavement of all streets and alleys adjacent to and abutting the subject property

(B) The area of the parcel

(C) A citation of pertinent documents and sources of data used as a basis for carrying out the work

(D) The location of all permanent structures located on the subject property

3. A plat of a new 100-lot subdivision in Ohio is required to be filed in the office of the

(A) State Auditor

(B) County Recorder in the county where the land is located

(C) County Planning Commission in the county where the land is located

(D) County Engineer in the county where the land is located

4. Which of the following statements must appear on the mortgage location survey plat?

(A) This plat was prepared in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 4733-37.

(B) This plat was prepared in accordance with the Ohio Mortgage Banker’s Standard Survey Detail Requirements.

(C) This plat was prepared in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Survey Standards.

(D) This plat was prepared in accordance with Chapter 4733-38 of the administrative code and is not a boundary survey pursuant to Chapter 4733-37.

5. The County Engineer, in the matter of taking and certifying affidavits and depositions; administering oaths; taking and certifying acknowledgments of deeds, mortgages and other matters affecting real estate has the same power as a

(A ) County Auditor

(B) County Judge

(C) County Recorder

(D) None of the above

6. If a Professional Surveyor faces a situation in professional employment where the public welfare is not protected, the Code of Ethics for Engineers and Surveyors dictates that the Professional Surveyor shall

(A) Sever the relation with the employer or client.

(B) As long as the survey work is in conformance with the “Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys” there is no ethical problem.

(C) Proceed with the work but be prepared to accept full responsibility for any damage to the public.

(D) Explain the situation to the client so as to give the client the choice as to whether the work should proceed or not.

7. The SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of a normal section contains how many acres?

(A) 10

(B) 20

(C) 40

(D) 2.5

8. The original Ohio state plane coordinate system was known as the Ohio Coordinate System of

(A) 1785

(B) 1866

(C) 1927

(D) 1983

9. Which two Original Ohio Public Land Surveys contain townships measuring five miles on a side?

(A) Old Seven Ranges and Ohio Company Purchase

(B) Connecticut Western Reserve and Refugee Lands

(C) Virginia Military Survey and U.S. Military District

(D) Connecticut Western Reserve and U.S. Military District

10. The owners of two adjoining tracts of lands have agreed on the location of their common boundary line. According to the Ohio Revised Code, what is the required role of a surveyor in this process?

(A) Perform a boundary survey in accordance with minimum standards.

(B) Nothing. A surveyor is not required.

(C) Prepare an affidavit describing the amended boundary.

(D) Mark the new boundary on the ground with iron pins in accordance with minimum monumentation standards.