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Register Directly with NCEES

You may register directly with NCEES for an FE exam if you are:

A graduate of an EAC ABET-accredited engineering curriculum of four years or more. 


A graduate of an ETAC ABET-accredited engineering technology curriculum of four years or more.

Follow this link to register directly with NCEES to take an FE exam 

Make sure when you register, you indicate that you would like NCEES to send your results to the Ohio Board.

Once you have received a passing score on the NCEES FE examination, and have graduated from one of the programs listed in 1 or 2 above, you may submit an Engineer Intern (EI) application through the online portal. You must have your official college transcript mailed to the Ohio Board in order to receive an EI certification and engineering intern certificate from the Ohio Board.

Apply for Board Approval

If you are not a graduate of a program listed in 1 or 2 above or currently enrolled and in your final two semesters of an ETAC ABET-accredited engineering curriculum, you must submit an online application to the Ohio Board in order to obtain approval to take the NCEES FE examination. 

In addition to 1 and 2 above, Ohio accepts the following degrees leading to registration as a professional engineer:

Graduate of an engineering curriculum of four years or more accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

Graduate of an engineering curriculum of four years or more from a college or university outside the United States that has been evaluated by the Board as equivalent to an EAC ABET-accredited undergraduate engineering program. Applicants falling under this category must first have their undergraduate degree evaluated by NCEES Credentials Evaluations, and a copy of the report sent to the Ohio Board. Any deficiencies cited in the NCEES evaluation must be remedied in accordance with the Board’s exam guidelines before taking the FE examination. FE applications should be submitted to the Ohio Board after the NCEES Credentials Evaluation review is completed.

For graduates of programs listed in 3 and 4, FE applications should be submitted online through the licensing portal before the anticipated testing date.

Go to NCEES Credentials Evaluation page 

 If you are not a graduate of an engineering curriculum listed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 above; you are not eligible for examination or registration in Ohio.

Registering with NCEES

If you are a graduate of an engineering or surveying program that permits you to register directly with NCEES, or your FE or FS application has been approved by the Ohio Board, you must register to take the exam at NCEES through their website ncees.org.

To register with NCEES, you must create an account through NCEES’s website and follow the exam registration instructions. You should select Ohio as the state you want to receive your exam results if you are applying for registration in Ohio. You must also schedule a time, date and location at which to take the exam at a Pearson Vue Select testing center. Once you have completed the exam, scores will be released within one week.

Register to take an NCEES exam 

Fundamentals Reexam

Individuals who have been approved by the Board to take a fundamentals exam (FE or FS only), and who must retake the exam due to a failing score, do not need to reapply with the Board before each reexam.

ABET Acronyms

ABET Formerly Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
ASAC Applied Science Accreditation Commission
EAC Engineering Accreditation Commission
ETAC Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission