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This document includes the requirements for applying to Ohio for a PE or PS license by reciprocity. Applications that do not meet the requirements in the document will be deemed incomplete or denied.   The Ohio Board strongly suggests all applicants read through the guidelines carefully before applying for a reciprocity license in Ohio. The Board does not refund applications fees for those that submit applications without meeting the requirements for licensure in Ohio.

Continuing Education | Acceptable Hours

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*** CPD Advisory *** 

Registrants are reminded that Board policy allows up to a maximum of three (3) hours continuing professional development per year for the completion of correspondence courses (paper, online, or other formats) provided the course and the course provider meet the requirements of R.C. 4733.151.

Evaluating Acceptable CPD Hours

Over the past few years the Board has been addressing many questions regarding continuing education. Executive Director John Greenhalge has attended and spoken at many seminars and conferences across Ohio. As with any relatively new law or rule a number of questions still exist.

The number one question the Board staff answers on a regular basis is whether or not a certain class, conference, workshop or seminar is acceptable to the Board.

When evaluating whether you should sign up for a class, conference, workshop or seminar keep in mind  the purpose of continuing education — to enhance and expand on your skill, knowledge and abilities as a Professional Engineer or a Professional Surveyor. Entry-level computer courses on using a spreadsheet, word processing, web design, etc.; although useful; are not considered acceptable for fulfilling the CPD requirement in Ohio. We list a variety of activities that are acceptable and unacceptable for continuing education credit on our CONTINUING EDUCATION POLICY page.

Make sure that before you pay for a class, conference, workshop or seminar the provider will give you documentation that verifies your attendance, a course description and the number of hours earned. Airline tickets or registration receipts are not proof of attendance. A certificate, sign in sheet or letter from the provider stating the date, type of coursework or activity, its location, instructor’s name and number of hours earned are acceptable as verification of completion.

Keep your CPD log up to date on what, when and where you have attended your continuing education classes. When audited you are required to send in the CPD log along with the evidence of your attendance. If you only send in your proof of attendance sheets without the CPD log, your audit will remain open until the CPD log is received. The Board’s CPD log can be downloaded from our website. You can save the CPD log on your computer and update it as needed. You must sign the log certifying that the hours claimed are accurate.

There are many classes, conferences, workshops or seminars you can attend and these can be taken from a variety of providers. Completing the continuing education requirement requires a little planning and research and if done with this in mind it may help you avoid a lapse in your registration to practice and possible frustrations at the end of the year.

Continuing Education | CPD Conversion Hours

Description | CPD Hours

  • 1 university or college semester hour = 45 CPD hours
  • 1 university or college quarter hour = 30 CPD hours
  • 1 continuing education unit (CEU) = 10 CPD hours
  • 1 published paper, article or book (only in the year published) = 10 CPD hours
  • 1 patent awarded (ONLY U.S. patents in the year awarded) = 10 CPD hours
  • 1 year of service as an officer or active committee member of a professional or technical society or association = 2 CPD hours
  • 1 year of participation on the Ohio professional surveyor exam workshop committee or member of the Board’s expert panel = 2 CPD hours
  • 1 hour of attendance at a conference, seminar or workshop = 1 CPD hour
  • 1 contact hour of teaching a class for the first time = 1 CPD hour