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Any company providing, or offering to provide, engineering or surveying services in the state of Ohio needs a Certificate of Authorization from the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You can find the legal requirements in Ohio R.C. section 4733.16 and Ohio A.C. section 4733-39.

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If a company has only one small project in Ohio does the company need to be licensed?

Yes, a company must obtain a Certificate of Authorization before offering or providing engineering or surveying services in Ohio, no matter the size or cost of the project.

Does the board issue temporary licenses to companies?

Yes, the Board may issue a temporary permit to companies. The company must apply for licensure by completing the application and submitting an application fee. At the time of application, the company may request a temporary permit by marking the temporary permit box. If the application meets the Board’s criteria, a temporary Certificate of Authorization will be issued. The temporary Certificate of Authorization permit is valid for 90 days while the Certificate of Authorization application is pending Board approval. Companies may not offer or provide engineering or surveying services in Ohio until they have been granted a Certificate of Authorization or a temporary Certificate of Authorization. Should the Board disapprove an application for a Certificate of Authorization, the temporary permit would terminate on the date of denial and the company must cease and desist from practicing engineering/surveying in Ohio immediately. Once a Certificate of authorization is approved the company will be issued a license number. 

How long does it take to obtain a Certificate of Authorization?

If a Certificate of Authorization application is complete, the Board will evaluate all new, additional services, or name change applications at their next scheduled meeting; this typically occurs within 30 days.

Do I need to notify the Board when a corporation is dissolved or when surrendering a license?

Yes, you will need to send the Board a letter stating that the firm is no longer offering, or providing, engineering or surveying services in Ohio.

How do I add or change the ‘in responsible charge’ engineer or surveyor?

The professional engineer or professional surveyor in responsible charge must complete the Affidavit of Responsibility [PES 3012] and mail it to the Board office with a brief letter stating the change and/or addition.

How do I remove a professional engineer or professional surveyor in responsible charge of engineering or surveying for my company?

You must notify the board in writing; however, in order to continue to offer or provide engineering or surveying services, another professional engineer or professional surveyor must be listed.

How do I apply for a company’s reinstatement?

If a company’s license has lapsed for more than one year, the company must reapply using the new Certificate of Authorization application. You must include the new application fee along with a letter of explanation and a listing of projects that were completed while the company’s license was expired.

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Ohio Secretary of State Charter or Registration Number Required

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 requires that your firm must have an active Ohio Secretary of State charter or registration number in order to complete a Certificate of Authorization. You can search Ohio’s Secretary of State website to find your firm's charter or registration number (Entity Number on SOS look up results).

From the Ohio Secretary of State Website

“Anyone who is planning to do business within the state of Ohio, using a name other than their own personal name, must register with our office… This applies to companies in Ohio and companies in other states or countries wishing to do business in the state of Ohio. Companies outside the state of Ohio often have to include a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state’s Secretary of State or registering authority to accompany their filing.”