Ohio’s State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors is charged with administering Chapter 4733 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 4733 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

  • We evaluate candidates for NCEES examinations and comity registrations.
  • We work with Ohio and U.S. boards in order to ensure public safety is served.
  • We investigate alleged violations of the Ohio Professional Engineers and Ohio Professional Surveyors registration law.

Rule-Making Process

The procedure for adopting or amending administrative rules is defined in Ohio Revised Code sections 119.01 through 119.04. Briefly, the Board regularly reviews its administrative rules to ensure that they are up to date with current law and to decide whether any changes are needed. In addition, the Board is required by law to review all of its rules every five years. Go to our Rule-Making Process page for more information.

P.E., P.S. Seals

After obtaining professional registration in Ohio, you are authorized to obtain a seal for use as required by law on your engineering plans, specifications, designs, documents, surveying plans, plats, property descriptions and reports. Go to our P.E., P.S. Seals page for more information.

Continuing Education

On February 15, 2005, House Bill 322 was signed into law requiring each Ohio Professional Engineer and Ohio Professional Surveyor to obtain 15 professional development hours — beginning in 2006 — in order to renew registration for 2008 and subsequent years. Go to our Continuing Education page for more information.


P.E., P.S. After one year without renewal, individual P.E. and P.S. registrants must be reinstated. After four years without renewal, successfully retaking the principles and practice examination is a condition of reinstatement if registration has not been continuously held in another state or U.S. jurisdiction. Go to our Reinstatement page for more information.

COMPANIES After one year without renewal, companies must file a new Certificate of Authorization application in order to offer or provide professional engineering or surveying services in Ohio. Go to our Companies page for more information.

Filing a Complaint

Although the Board cannot represent individuals who file complaints, we review complaints in a timely manner in order to make sure that the complaint is processed and appropriate action taken. Go to our Filing a Complaint page for more information.