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Board Approves Expedited Temporary Approval for Engineering and Surveying Firms

At its meeting on July 19, 2012 the Board approved a policy that permits the Board staff to grant temporary Certificates of Authorization to firms applying to practice engineering and surveying in Ohio while their application is pending Board approval. R.C. 4733.16 requires firms, partnerships, associations, limited liability companies, corporations that are providing engineering and/or surveying services, advertising to provide engineering and/or surveying or using the words engineer, engineering, surveyor, surveying or any derivation or modification of these words in their company name to obtain a certificate of authorization from the Board. The certificate of authorization is a license for a firm to practice engineering and/or surveying in Ohio.

In an effort to improve our service to our customers and the citizens of Ohio, as well as to expedite the processing of applications, the Board implemented a performance tracking system last year to help staff identify areas for improvement. One area identified for improvement was the processing of certificates of authorization. The Board meets at least eight times each year, typically on the third Thursday of the month; however, during that span between meetings it could take 30 days or more for the Board to approve a certificate of authorization application.

Although improved turnaround time for approval of applications is the goal, the Board’s mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Ohio, so it was important for the Board not to sacrifice a thorough and complete review of the application in order to process applications quicker. The Board and staff developed criteria that must be met in order to issue the temporary permit. The Board anticipates that once a completed certificate of authorization application is received a temporary permit to practice can be issued within two business days. The temporary permit is valid for 90 days and can be renewed if needed. Once the Board meets and officially reviews and approves the application, the firm will be assigned a license number and issued a certificate.

This new process will ensure that qualified firms are offering and providing engineering and surveying services in Ohio while at the same time expediting the approval process to get firms up and running so they can operate and provide services in Ohio legally.

Ohio Architects, Engineers Sign Historic Incidental Practice Agreement

The Ohio Architects Board and the Ohio Professional Engineers and Surveyors Board have agreed upon and adopted the following resolution covering rules of procedure in connection with the interpretation and enforcement of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 4703, governing the practice of architecture; and Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 4733, governing the practice of engineering in the state of Ohio.

The resolution reads as follows:

“No registered professional engineer shall undertake a project which is primarily architectural and no registered architect shall undertake a project which is primarily engineering; however, no provision of the laws and rules referred to above shall be so construed as to prevent any registered architect from doing such engineering work, for which he/she is qualified, as may be incidental and necessary to the completion of any architectural work lawfully undertaken by such architect; nor so construed as to prevent any registered professional engineer from doing such architectural work, for which he/she is qualified, as may be incidental and necessary to the completion of any engineering work lawfully undertaken by such engineer, as defined in the rules and laws listed above.

“The two Boards must be guided and controlled by the definitions contained in their respective registration laws but may use discretion in interpreting them. If engineering or architectural work is performed by persons who are not full-time employees of the registered professional engineer or registered architect employed by the client for the project, those persons shall be registered in the profession concerned and the registered person’s name shall appear on all documents, plans, etc., prepared by them, when issued for that particular project.”