Ohio A.C. Chapter 4733 Rule Review Amendments | 2013-09-26

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Dear Stakeholder,

The following information is being provided pursuant to the requirements of Executive Order 2011-01K and Senate Bill 2 of the 129th General Assembly, which requires state agencies, including the Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors, to draft rules in collaboration with stakeholders, assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community (as defined by SB2), and provide an opportunity for the affected public to provide input on the rules.

The Board is proposing the following rule actions:

The following rules listed are being proposed to continue without amendment, replacement or elimination:

4733-1-03; 3-01; 3-02; 3-03; 3-05; 9-02; 20-01; 21-01; 33-01; 35-01; 35-02; 35-03; 35-05; 35-06; 35-07; 37-02; 37-04; 37-05; 37-06; 37-07; 38-02; 38-03; 38-04; 38-05; 39-07; 40-02; 40-03; 40-04; 40-05.

The following rules are being proposed for amendment. The changes to these rules are entirely grammatical and punctuation and do not include changes to the text:

4733-1-02; 1-04; 5-02; 23-01; 29-01; 35-03; 35-08; 35-09; 37-03; 37-05; 37-06; 38-01; 38-05; 39-01; 39-02; 39-03; 39-04; 39-05; 40-01.

The following rules are being proposed for amendment:

4733-01-01 Eliminates the word Ohio for consistency.

4733-3-04 Eliminates annual report of transactions to reflect current practice and real-time reporting availability with OAKS financial system.

4733-9-01 Updated name change of accreditation body to ABET. Clarifies degree evaluation process and exam format.

4733-9-04 Updates exam procedures to reflect change to national computer-based testing. The exam will no longer be offered in a paper and pencil format or be eight hours in duration.

4733-9-05 Rules related to compliance with exam policies and procedures.

4733-9-06 Rules related to compliance with exam policies and procedures.

4733-9-07 Rules related to compliance with exam policies and procedures.

4733-9-08 Rules related to compliance with exam policies and procedures.

4733-13-01 Removes the word Ohio from rule to be consistent with law. Eliminates two-hour time requirement for exam.

4733-19-01 Updates continuing professional development requirement based on move to biennial renewal in 2012.

4733-25-01 Wording change for consistency with law.

4733-35-04 Format change for clarification.

4733-39-06 Eliminates requirement for annual renewal for certificates of authorization to allow for biennial renewal.


Most of the amendments reflect the conversion of the national Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) examinations to computer-based effective January 2014. Currently, and in accordance with national standards, the Board offers the FE and FS in April and October each year. The exams are paper and pencil and are eight hours in duration. The exams are offered at three locations in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. With the conversion to computer-based testing, graduating seniors and other candidates will be able to take the FE and FS exams at Pearson Vue testing centers located throughout Ohio and at their convenience. Other rules have been amended to reflect current practices, to address grammatical and punctuation errors, and to make the language plain and understandable.

The proposed rules may be viewed by downloading Chapter 4733 Rule Review Draft.

If you wish to comment on the aforementioned proposed rule actions, please send your comments to john.greenhalge@pes.ohio.gov by October 11, 2013

Thank you.