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4733.01 Professional engineer and professional surveyor definitions.

4733.011 Applicability of chapter to sewage treatment systems.

4733.02 Registration or exemption.

4733.021 Restricting use of title engineer by itself or with other terms.

4733.03 State board of registration for professional engineers and surveyors.

4733.04 Qualifications of board members.

4733.05 Compensation and expenses of board.

4733.06 Organization of board.

4733.07 Administrative rules.

4733.08 Depositing receipts.

4733.09 Records.

4733.10 Annual listing of registered professional engineers, registered professional surveyors, and firms.

4733.11 License qualifications.

4733.12 Applications.

4733.13 Examinations.

4733.14 Certificate of registration; seals.

4733.15 Renewals.

4733.151 Continuing professional development credit required beginning in 2008.

4733.16 Business authorized to practice.

4733.161 Unauthorized practice.

4733.17 Inspection of public works projects.

4733.18 Temporary registration; exceptions.

4733.19 Reciprocity [Comity].

4733.20 Disciplinary actions.

4733.21 Legally recognized professions not affected.

4733.22 Prohibited acts.

4733.23 Injunctions.

4733.24 [Repealed].

4733.25 Fees in excess of statutory amounts.

4733.26 Using engineer or engineering in name on or before 07/01/1973.

4733.27 Effect of child support default on registration or certificate.

4733.28 Compliance with law regarding sanctions for human trafficking.

4733.99 Penalty.

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