Ohio R.C. section 4733.17

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Inspection of public works projects.

Neither this state, nor any of its political subdivisions, nor any municipal corporation shall engage in the construction of any public work involving the practice of professional engineering or professional surveying, for which plans, specifications, and estimates have not been made by, and the construction thereof inspected by, a licensed professional engineer or professional surveyor; provided this section shall not apply to the design, construction, improvement, or maintenance of any public work wherein the contemplated expenditure for the completed project does not exceed five thousand dollars. Any contract for engineering or surveying services executed in violation of this section shall be void and any moneys advanced or paid under such contract by this state or any of its political subdivisions or any municipal corporation shall be refunded forthwith.

Sections 4733.01 to 4733.23 of the Revised Code, do not exclude a qualified or registered architect from such engineering practice as may be incident to the practice of his profession, or do not exclude a professional engineer from such architectural practice as may be incident to the practice of professional engineering.

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