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This document includes the requirements for applying to Ohio for a PE or PS license by reciprocity. Applications that do not meet the requirements in the document will be deemed incomplete or denied.   The Ohio Board strongly suggests all applicants read through the guidelines carefully before applying for a reciprocity license in Ohio. The Board does not refund applications fees for those that submit applications without meeting the requirements for licensure in Ohio.

Ohio R.C. section 4733.14

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Certificate of registration; seals.

The state board of registration for professional engineers and surveyors shall, upon payment of the registration fee, register and issue a certificate showing initial registration of an applicant who, in the opinion of the board, has satisfactorily met all the requirements of this chapter. In the case of a registered professional engineer, the certificate shall authorize the practice of "professional engineering," and in the case of a registered professional surveyor, the certificate shall authorize the practice of "professional surveying." Certificates of registration shall show the full name of the registrant, shall have a serial number, and shall be signed by the chairperson and the secretary of the board under seal of the board.

Registration by the board shall be evidence that the person named therein is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a registered professional engineer, or of a registered professional surveyor, while the registration remains unrevoked or unexpired.

Each registrant may, upon completing registration, obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board, bearing the registrant's name and the legend, "registered professional engineer," or "registered professional surveyor," provided, however, that any registered surveyor's seal obtained prior to the amendment of this section effective April 4, 1985, 140 Ohio Laws 4092, shall remain as a legal seal for any registrant who was registered as a "registered surveyor." Plans, specifications, plats, reports, and all other engineering or surveying work products issued by a registrant shall be stamped with the seal and be signed and dated by the registrant or bear a computer-generated seal and electronic signature and date, but no person shall stamp, seal, or sign any documents after the registration of the registrant named thereon has expired or the registration has been revoked or suspended, unless the registration has been renewed or reissued.

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