Ohio R.C. section 4733.08

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Depositing receipts.

All receipts of the state board of registration for professional engineers and surveyors shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the occupational licensing and regulatory fund. All vouchers of the board shall be approved by the board chairperson or executive director, or both, as authorized by the board. The executive director and any clerical or other assistant of the board whom it may designate shall give a surety bond to this state in such sum as the board determines. The premiums on the bonds shall be regarded as a proper and necessary expense of the board, and shall be paid in the same manner as other expenditures of the board. The executive director shall receive an amount fixed pursuant to section 124.152 of the Revised Code in addition to the expenses provided for in section 4733.05 of the Revised Code. The board may employ such clerical or other assistants as are necessary for the proper performance of its work and may make expenditures for any purpose which in the opinion of the board is reasonably necessary for the proper performance of its duties.

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