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2014-2015 Ohio P.E., P.S. Renewal Deadline Was December 31, 2013

The Board mailed a renewal notice to each active Ohio P.E. and P.S. The renewal notice contained a unique user ID and password which will serve as your electronic signature and will enable you to renew your license online by credit card. For those who have previously renewed online, your user ID and password will remain the same.

You will be linked to a secure electronic commerce server hosted by Skipjack Merchant Services. The credit card transactions will be processed on this secure server which is separate from the web server that hosts our website. Transactions from this secure server will be posted to Ohio’s Treasurer of State. The Board does not receive any information that connects a licensee with a particular credit card number.

The credit card renewal website will guide you through the renewal process. The information that you provide for each step in the process will determine the next step. We suggest that if you renew your license by credit card, and you do not receive a reasonably quick response (a web page with an approval code), that you wait 30 minutes and see if you receive a confirmation of the transaction by email. If you do receive a confirmation, then you renewed your license successfully.

The Board accepts American Express, Discover Card, Mastercard and VISA for online renewal. The Board only accepts check or money order for paper renewal.

Begin 2014-2015 P.E., P.S. Online Renewal. This is a secure site. 

P.E., P.S. Retirement Card

If you are considering permanently retiring from practicing professional engineering or professional surveying in Ohio, you may request a retirement card. Go to our Retirement Card page for information.

Go to Retirement Card page 

About P.E., P.S. Biennial Renewal

Pursuant to changes in law (H.B. 153 129th General Assembly), the Board changed to a biennial renewal cycle for professional engineers and professional surveyors beginning with the 2012-2013 renewal cycle. All professional engineers and professional surveyors will renew every other year and be required to obtain 30 hours of continuing professional development during the two year renewal cycle. If a licensee exceeds the 30-hour requirement during the renewal period, a maximum of 15 hours may be carried forward into the subsequent renewal period. The biennial renewal fee is $40.00 for each license.

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Paper Renewal

Do not send any CPD documentation or records with your renewal application.

The Board strongly encourages online renewal. It is faster and can provide more accurate feedback. In addition, we can only accept check or money order for paper renewals. To use a credit card, you must renew online. For those who prefer a paper renewal, our renewal forms are provided here. These are not fill-in forms, and must be completed manually.

Download 2014-2015 P.E. license renewal PES 4011-PEL (Rev. 12/2013) 1-PAGE PDF 

Download 2014-2015 P.S. license renewal PES 4011-PSL (Rev. 12/2013) 1-PAGE PDF 

Download 2014-2015 Dual (P.E. and P.S.) license renewal PES 4011-DL (Rev. 12/2013) 1-PAGE PDF 

2014 Company Late Renewal

Company Certificates of Authorization cannot be renewed online. 2013 company Certificates of Authorization to provide engineering and/or surveying services in Ohio expired on June 30, 2013.

Begin your 2014 Certificate of Authorization Late Renewal here 

REMINDER…Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 requires that your company Certificate of Authorization application has an Ohio Secretary of State charter/registration number.