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Ohio eLicense Center License Lookup Tutorial
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If you are unfamiliar with the DAS-administered Ohio e-License Center lookup page, or if it’s been a while since you performed a search, it may be useful to read the eLicense search tutorial.

IMPORTANT! Do not select all options for your search. Use as few fields as possible. Do not combine name and number search.


Ohio eLicense Center screenshot

Number 1[back]
Choosing [back] in this menu bar will take you to Ohio eLicense Center options that the Board does not support. There are six options and we currently support three: License Lookup, License Renewal, and Update Address Information. Use your browser’s back button to return to our website, not the [back] in this menu bar.

Number 2Division [Engineers and Surveyors Board]
Engineers and Surveyors Board is the default in this field when accessing Ohio eLicense Center directly from our website. Currently, there are 24 regulatory license lookup choices from this drop-down menu. You can access all of them at anytime.

Number 4Profession/Institution [ - DISPLAY ALL - ]
This option is not necessary. Use the default [ - DISPLAY ALL - ].

Number 4Business Name/DBA
Use this field only when searching for a firm. A partial firm name is preferable. Results are limited to the first 100 firms with an Ohio Certificate of Authorization able to provide engineering or surveying services in Ohio.

Numbers 5, 6, 7-or- License Number
Use [5] and [6] to search for an Ohio P.E. or P.S. by number. [5] REQUIRED Type PE, PS or DUAL. These choices are not case sensitive. [6] REQUIRED Type number. NOTE If you are searching for an Ohio P.E., use the 5-digit number; e.g., 12345. If you are searching for an Ohio P.S., use the 4-digit number; e.g., 1234. If you are searching for an Ohio dual licensee, you must know the Ohio P.E. 5-digit number; e.g., 12345. [7] Do not use.

Numbers 8, 9-or- Name (Last, First)
Use to search for an Ohio P.E. or P.S. by name. A partial last or partial first name is acceptable. Results are limited to the first 100 individuals.

Numbers 10, 11, 12City, State, Zip
The City field is self-evident. The State [ - DISPLAY ALL - ] field drop-down choices include most United States and Canadian jurisdictions. The Zip field, in addition to United States ZIP codes, accepts Canadian and other country postal codes.

Number 13County [ - DISPLAY ALL - ]
The drop-down menu includes Ohio's 88 counties and three additional choices: NA, Out of state and Unknown. In the Board's license lookup, NA means the registrant's address is not a U.S. address. Out of state means the registrant's address is within the U.S. and its jurisdictions, but not in Ohio. Unknown means there is an error in our database which should be brought to our attention. We have no unknowns. Search results are limited to the first 100 results.

Number 14Status [ - DISPLAY ALL - ]
The drop-down menu provides 13 choices: Active, Approved, Cancelled, Deceased, Denied, Failed to Renew, Failed to Renew – Paid, Inactive, Licensed, Pending, Reviewed, Revoked, or Suspended. Currently, the Board is providing Active, Inactive, Pending and Reviewed choices for license lookup. FYI: Annually, beginning November 1 and ending December 31, our registrants automatically receive an Active-in-Renewal status. This status means that our registrants have been mailed their annual license renewal notice. For additional renewal information go to our Annual Renewal page.

Number 15[Search] [Reset]
Use the Search button to complete your search. Use the Reset button to clear existing data from all fields and begin again.