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Exams | First Time Professional Engineering Exam Approval

Exam Deadline and Fees


April 2017 PE Exams


Exam Dates

PE Exam

April 21, 2017

SE Vertical

April 21, 2017

SE Lateral

April 22, 2017


Exam Application Deadlines

Application deadline

December 23, 2016

Application deadline for October 2016 re-examinees only

January 30, 2017

Last day to submit supplemental information

February 13, 2017

NCEES registration deadline *Closes at 3:00pm EST

February 23, 2017


Ohio Application Fees

PE exam approval application fee


PE exam approval application and FE certification


Final registration fee



NCEES Registration Deadlines


 IMPORTANT You must be approved by the Ohio Board for each exam cycle before you register with NCEES. Your registration fee will not be refunded if you register with NCEES but have not been approved by the Ohio Board. NCEES registration dates are listed as a courtesy only and may be subject to change. Contact NCEES Exam Administration Services for current dates.

Registration opens


Registration closes *Closes at 3:00pm EST

February 23, 2017


Getting Registered for a PE Exam in Ohio is a 2-Step Process

1.      You must be approved by the Board each time you want to take a PE exam before you register with NCEES Exam Administration Services.

2.      After approval from the Board, you will need to register with NCEES Exam Administration Services.

Getting Started

Pursuant to Ohio law, each applicant applying for registration as a professional engineer or professional surveyor shall first be certified as an engineer intern or surveyor intern in this state. If you are not already certified as an Ohio Engineer Intern, you can use form PES 1011-PE (Rev. 11/2016) to apply for intern certification and PE exam approval at the same time using one form. Choose 1st time applicant for the Professional Engineers Exam and EI certification - $100.00

If you have already been certified as an Engineer Intern in Ohio, choose 1st time applicant for the Professional Engineers Exam - $75.00

General Guidelines for PE and PS Exam Applicants (11/2016)

Ohio PE Registration Packet (11/2016)

Additional PE Experience Pages PES 1011-EXP (11/2016)

The Board requires the latest version of its forms to be used when applying for examinations. After downloading the application, you will be able to fill it in and save it on your computer.

You are a first-time Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam candidate if you have not been approved by the Board to take the PE even though you may have previously applied for the PE in Ohio.

To qualify for the PE exam in Ohio you will need to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam first. In addition you will need a minimum of four years engineering experience with an EAC/ABET-accredited degree, or eight years engineering experience with an engineering technology degree or an engineering degree not accredited by EAC/ABET. For information on Board-required experience go to our General Guidelines page.

For approval consideration, first-time PE candidates must complete the 4-page PE exam approval application. If you did not pass the FE in Ohio you will also need to have a completed and sealed verification form mailed to us from the jurisdiction where you did pass the FE.

The nonrefundable application fee, using check or money order, is $75.00. Make your fee payable in U.S. funds to Treasurer, State of Ohio. Cash, credit card, or online payment is not available for Board exam application fees. Applications including cash will be returned.

REMINDER…All PE disciplines are not available for each exam cycle. Go to our Exam Dates | PE Discipline Schedule page to see when your PE discipline is available.

After verifying your eligibility, the Board will mail you an approval letter. The letter will include instructions on how to complete your examination registration by going online to the NCEES Exam Administration Services website.

If the Board does not approve your application, you will be mailed an explanation.



Calculator Policy
Click on banned calculator to go to NCEES calculator policy page From the NCEES calculator policy page: “To protect the integrity of its exams, NCEES limits the types of calculators you may bring to the exam room.” The Board’s calculator policy is the same as the NCEES calculator policy. There are no exceptions.
Study Materials

The Board cannot suggest and does not supply study materials for NCEES exams.

The NCEES PE is open-book exams. The NCEES PS exam is closed book however a reference book will be provided at the exam site.  Information about allowed and disallowed reference materials can be found on the NCEES Exam-day policies web page. Board policy is the same as NCEES policy; there are no exceptions.

The 2-hour Ohio PS is an open-book exam. References can be found on our OHPS Surveying References page.