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The Board strongly encourages future and returning examinees to go to our exams pages before completing an exam approval application. In addition, General Guidelines is required reading.

Go to the Board’s Exams page 

After you are comfortable with the process of examination approval required by Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733, download and complete the appropriate exam application.

NOTE: The Student Exam Approval Application (PES 1011-ST) has been discontinued. Go to the Board’s Exams page for information on the FE, FS exam transition to computer-base testing.

Download Reexam Approval Application PES 1011-RE (10/2013) 2-PAGE PDF 
Download FS Exam Approval Application
PES 1011-FS
Download PE Exam Approval Application Download PE Exam Approval Application PES 1011-PE (Rev. 05/2014) 4-PAGE PDF
Download PS Exam Approval Application Download PS Exam Approval Application
PES 1011-PS
Download Surveying Courses Worksheet
PES 1012

Engineer Intern, Surveyor Intern Certification

After passing an NCEES fundamentals exam, you will need to apply to the Board to complete your certification as an Engineer Intern or Surveyor Intern in Ohio. Download the appropriate application and mail completed form, with $25.00 application fee, to the Board.

Download Engineer Intern Certification Application PES 1011-EI (Rev. 01/2014) 2-PAGE PDF 

Download Surveyor Intern Certification Packet PES 1011-SI (Rev. 01/2014) | PES 1012 (Rev. 09/2012) 3-PAGE PDF 

Firm Certificate of Authorization

Email the Board at pes.board@pes.ohio.gov if your firm needs to be reinstated.

Download COA 2016-2017 Renewal packet (Rev. 04/2016)
Go to the Board’s Firms | COA page 

Download Certificate of Authorization Application packet (Rev. 09/2014) 7-PAGE PDF 

Download additional Affidavit of Responsibility PES 3012 (Rev. 04/2016) 1-PAGE PDF

Comity Registration

P.E. Comity

Go to the Board’s P.E. Comity page  Go to the Board’s P.E. Comity page 

Individual P.E. Comity Forms

Download NCEES P.E. comity application 

Download Standard P.E. comity application 

Download P.E. temporary permit application 

P.S. Comity

Go to the Board’s P.S. Comity page  Go to the Board’s P.S. Comity page 

Individual P.S. Comity Forms

Download NCEES P.S. Comity Application Download NCEES P.S. Comity Application 
PES 2011-NPS (Rev. 08/2012)
Download Standard P.S. Comity Application Download Standard P.S. Comity Application 
PES 2011-PS (Rev. 06/2012)
Download Surveying Courses Worksheet Download Surveying Courses Worksheet 
PES 1012 (Rev. 09/2012)

Continuing Professional Development

Activity Log

Download CPD Activity Log 
PES 4012 (Rev. 10/2012)

Military CPD and Renewal Fee Waiver Request

Download Military CPD and Renewal Fee Waiver Request PES 4021 (Rev. 06/2014) 1-PAGE PDF