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Ohio Secretary of State Charter or Registration Number Required

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 requires that your firm must have an active Ohio Secretary of State charter or registration number in order to complete a Certificate of Authorization. You can search Ohio’s Secretary of State website to find your firm's charter or registration number (Entity Number on SOS look up results).

From the Ohio Secretary of State Website

“Anyone who is planning to do business within the state of Ohio, using a name other than their own personal name, must register with our office… This applies to companies in Ohio and companies in other states or countries wishing to do business in the state of Ohio. Companies outside the state of Ohio often have to include a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state’s Secretary of State or registering authority to accompany their filing.”

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Certificate of Authorization Renewal

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018

Certificate of Authorizations renewals are no longer eligible for the July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018 renewal period. If you company or firm is currently inactive and you wish to reactive your Certificate of Authorization, you would need to complete the packet below for "Name Change, Adding DBA, Adding Additional Service, Reinstatement". 

 The renewal for July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020 will open around May 1, 2018. More information will be available on the Board's website for the upcoming renewal in April 2018. 

New Certificate of Authorization Application

Any company providing, or offering to provide, engineering or surveying services in Ohio needs a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors. You can find the legal requirements in Ohio R.C. section 4733.16 and Ohio A.C. section 4733-39.

Certificate of Authorization FAQ

Firms – Sole Proprietorships information

Certificate of Authorization Application Packet

Additional Affidavit of Responsibility Form 3012

Completed Certificate of Authorization applications with fee must be received no later than a minimum of 7 days before a regularly scheduled board meeting in order to be considered for approval at that meeting.

The Certificate of Authorization application requires that names and addresses of all owners of the company be included with the application — a list of officers will not suffice. If an owner is an officer, please state that. In addition, if the company is owned by another corporation, you must list the ownership of that company. For example: “ABC LCC is owned by ABC, Inc. which is a publicly traded company,” or list the owners of said company.

If the company is employee-owned, you must state that and include the names and addresses of the individual owners. If the ownership information is not included, the application will be returned as incomplete.


Name Change, Adding DBA, Adding Additional Service, Reinstatement

Certificate of Authorization Application  

Additional Affidavit of Responsibility Form 3012

New, name change, adding DBA, additional service or reinstatement filing fee: $50.00

Filing instructions are included with the downloaded application packet.

Please note that all applications, except New, require your company’s 5-digit Certificate of Authorization license number which you can find on your current license, or on our License Lookup page.

Not Renewing?

You must notify the Board in writing within 30 days if your company no longer offers professional engineering or surveying services in Ohio and does not wish to renew a Certificate of Authorization.