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Important! Read General Guidelines for Examinees and Comity Applicants before beginning the application process.

2013 NCEES October Exam Deadline

Thursday, September 5 is the deadline to register with NCEES for the October exams.
Do not register with NCEES, unless your name is on the Board approved list.

Exam Approval Overview

IMPORTANT! Even if you have previously been approved to take an exam by the Board, you must still reapply for each exam pursuant to Ohio R.C. section 4733.12 (D).

Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733 requires minimum education and experience requirements in order for individuals to become licensed Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors in the state of Ohio. Included in the minimum requirements is the passing of two eight-hour National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying examinations.

Getting registered for an NCEES exam in Ohio is a 2-step process.

1 You must be approved by the Board each time you want to take an exam before you register with NCEES. Choose the appropriate link from the Exam Applications menu in the right column for reexam, student, or first-time applications and procedures.

2 After approval from the Board, you will need to register with NCEES Exam Administration Services.

Non-ABET Degree Evaluation Required

IMPORTANT! Your previously-approved non-ABET degree may need to be evaluated by NCEES Credentials Evaluations before you can be approved for a reexamination.

In order to be considered for an Ohio NCEES examination approval, the Board requires all non-ABET-accredited degrees — domestic and foreign — to be evaluated by NCEES Credentials Evaluations. Go to our Degree Evaluation Policy page for the official Board degree evaluation policy.

Go here to access NCEES Credentials Evaluations

NCEES Exam Administration Services Registration Required

After receiving exam application approval from the Board, the next step is registering with NCEES Exam Administration Services. All information related to registration deadlines, special accommodations, cancellations, etc., can be found on the NCEES website.

Go here to access NCEES Exam Administration Services

Study Materials

The Board cannot suggest and does not supply study materials for NCEES exams.

The PE and PS are open-book examinations. Information about allowed and disallowed reference materials can be found on the NCEES Exam-day policies web page. Board policy is the same as NCEES policy; there are no exceptions.

The FE and FS are closed-book examinations. You cannot bring any reference materials to an FE or FS examination.

The FE Supplied-Reference Handbook and FS Supplied-Reference Formulas are available from NCEES on their website. They will provide a clean copy of the FE Supplied-Reference Handbook for FE examinees at the exam site. The FS Supplied-Reference Formulas are included in the morning and afternoon examination booklets.

Exam Qualifications Are Not Determined By Board Staff

While the Board staff can and does answer your exam questions by email, fax and telephone; we cannot determine if you are qualified to take an NCEES exam. Your qualifications are reviewed by the Board’s panel of experts after you have applied. Your application fee is nonrefundable pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733.12.

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