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All pocket cards for the 2018-2019 individual license renewal will be mailed by mid-February 2018. The Board had a temporary printing delay but wallet cards should be mailed by February 16, 2018. Because these are printed as a mass printing, the Board must wait until the majority of regular and late renewals have been received and processed. In the meantime, you may verify a renewed license via the License Lookup function on the Board's website. All expiration dates are updated and any license listed as "Active in Renewal - Paid" or "Failed to Renew - Paid" is a renewed, active license. All status will change to the regular "Active" status once the pocket cards are mailed.


The board office will be closed on Monday, February 19, 2018 in observance of President's Day. We will reopen Tuesday, February 20, 2018.


The February board meeting will begin at 9:30am at the board office at 77 S. High St Ste 2472 Columbus, Ohio 43215



Due to a printing delay, 2018-2019 Wallet cards will be mailed by mid-February 2018

Click here to access your 2018-2019 online renewal

News and Announcements

07-27-2017 | October 2017 PE exam approval list

The approved candidates list for the October 2017 PE exam through July 19, 2017. This is not a final approval list; the Board will continue to evaluate PE exam candidates through August 2017. This list can be accessed on the October 2017 PE Approved page.

01-04-2017 | April 2017 PE exam approval list

The approved candidates list for the April 2017 PE exam through January 4, 2017 has been updated. This is not a final approval list; the Board will continue to evaluate PE exam candidates through February 2017. The list can be accessed on the April 2017 PE Approved page.

12-09-2016 | October 2016 PE exam results released

Results for the October 2016 PE exam were released through NCEES on December 8, 2016 for all disciplines except Structural. They Board cannot release scores to examinees however you may access your results any time via NCEES's website. Just use your normal NCEES login information to access your account. 

08-04-2016 | October 2016 PE Exam Approval List

The list of approved candidates for the October 2016 exam has been updated. The list is anyone approved as of August 3, 2016. This is not a final list; the board will continue doing approvals through August 16, 2016. The updated list can be viewed at October 2016 PE Exam approval list

07-27-2016 | NEW Location and Office Address

As of 07/27/2016, the Ohio Board is at a new location with a new address. We have moved to the Vern Riffe Building at 77 S High Street, Suite 2472 Columbus, Ohio 43215. The new location is roughly a block from our old location at the LeVeque Tower. Going forward, please use the new address when mailing items to the Board. 

While we are in the process of moving, our internet and phone connections are sporadic. We should be fully reconnected by Monday, August 1, 2016. We will try to answer mail, email, and phone messages as soon as possible. The Board thanks everyone for their patience during this transition.

05-02-2016 | Firm Certificate of Authorization Renewal open

The forms for the Certificate of Authorization renewal period of July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018 are now available on the Renewal page and Firms|COA page. Renewal notice notifications will be mailed by the Board this week, however, you do not need to wait on your notice to complete and submit your Certificate of Authorization renewal. Please download and read all three packets of information: Form 3010, Form 3011, and Form 3012. 

03-09-2016 | March board meeting moved

Due to scheduling conflicts, the March 22, 2016 board meeting has been moved to Tuesday April 5, 2016. The time and location will remain the same. 

02-17-2016 | Cincinnati exam site full - April 2016 PE/PS exams

The Ohio Board has been notified that the Cincinnati, Ohio exam site for the April 2016 PE and PS exams is at maximum capacity. Examinees will still be able to register with NCEES for the April 2016 PE or PS exams at the Columbus, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio exam sites through tomorrow, February 18, 2016. Registration with NCEES for the PE or PS exams closes at 3:00pm EST on February 18, 2016.

02-09-2016 | Board meeting time change


The start time for the Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16, 2016 has been moved from 9:30am to 10:30am. The location remains in the Board office at 50 W Broad St. Ste. 1820 Columbus, Ohio 43215. 

02-05-2016 | Customer Service

As part of our ongoing effort to provide better customer service and support, the Board would appreciate your comments and suggestions. You may send comments and suggestions to customerservice@pes.ohio.gov. Thank you for taking the time to contact the Board and provide your feedback.